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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Week Seven

Welcome to the 7th week of lessons!

This week focuses on Fall traditions. We will be studying the book of Ruth. It's a book that could be way over their heads if read aloud straight from the text. So here's a link to a kids' version of the story that would be a great starting-off point. In the book of Ruth, Boaz honors his cultural traditions while still honoring God. While he wants to marry Ruth, he knows that in his culture, the first person in line to marry a woman must give him permission. Even though it is probably something he could have gotten away with, he chooses to be mindful of his culture's traditions while still honoring God. Let's make this the focus of the week. I want this lesson to show that there are many cultural traditions that are not Biblical in nature, but that we are called to live in this world, among these things, and to glorify God through it all. Since our own personal convictions lead this to look very different among us, the lessons focus on Fall broadly: pumpkins, apples, crunchy leaves, etc. You can dive as far as you feel comfortable into the topic of Halloween.

Supplies Needed:
2 carving pumpkins and the tools needed to carve
butter and spices for pumpkin seed roasting
raw potato
orange paint
white paper
fallen leaves
crayons, peeled to use to rub leaf imprints
fall-colored construction paper
contact paper
fall-colored tissue paper or crushed fall leaves
5 of your favorite apples
cinnamon and sugar
supplies for a thank-you card or poster

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