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Friday, September 16, 2011

Preserving Artwork

If you're like me, you hate throwing away the art that your little ones have so meticulously created. It took effort to buy the supplies, gather the kids, and execute the project, and you want to preserve their masterpieces.

Here are a few ideas for saving their creations:

Poster Portfolio: Take two large posterboards for each child. Punch holes 2 inches apart along 3 sides of both posterboards. Using yarn, lace the two together leaving one side (the one without holes) open to create a large pocket. Label the outside, and store all artwork flat inside.

Art Binders: These work best for all of the flat artwork as the dimensional pieces may not flatten enough to fit. Decorate a binder specifically for each child. Then 3-hole-punch each piece of art to add to the inside. You can go further by using page protectors.

Under-the-Bed Boxes: The plastic storage containers made for slipping under the bed are perfect for storing artwork. They are roomy, convenient, and durable. Storing it under the bed of the artist is a bonus as they won't take up any room in common spaces.

Digital Storage: Scan or photograph each piece of artwork. You can toss the original, or store it in one of the above ways. Then use the digital image to create a work of art themselves. You can find some brilliant ideas here, here, and here.

How do you store your kids' works of art without cluttering up your home?

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