A Solid Foundation is a resource for parents hoping to establish the basics for a faith in Christ in their young, preschool-aged children. As a former Chapel leader for a private Christian school, I have a heart for children's ministry and for growing my children in God from the very beginning. Now, as a stay-at-home-mom, that has become my full-time job. Please start at the Introduction in my sidebar and use all of my material as you wish!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Week Eight

Welcome back! Let's jump into another week of equipping our kids' hearts for a faith foundation.

Week 8 is all about Abraham and Sarah and the promises God made - and KEPT - to them. God always keeps His promises and is the epitome of faithfulness for us. The activity page links to a site with a great and simple children's version of the story. I challenge you to read the story in the Bible for yourselves to better equip you for going further with your kids.

Supplies Needed:
White paper
White crayon
Black or blue watercolors
Old cereal box or other scrap cardboard
Aluminum foil strips
Play food, dishes, restaurant set-up for pretend play
Large cardboard box
1 strand of Christmas lights
Glass bowl
Children's scissors
Supplies for a gift basket for a friend/neighbor in need

Happy teaching!

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